Meet Hannah, the administrative organizer at Green Mountain Painters. She joined us in early 2023, drawn to our crew by the encouragement of her brother, Mitchell.

Hannah underwent a significant transition from her previous management position at Trader Joe’s. While cherishing the memories of good food and friendly faces, she wholeheartedly embraced the change in her work-life balance and the diverse responsibilities that come with her new role. Her responsibilities span business administration and HR operations, with a keen focus on benefits management. Ensuring that behind-the-scenes operations run smoothly, she contributes to the thriving spirit of our team.

Hannah’s Vermont roots run deep, having grown up in the scenic Lamoille Valley and studied at UVM. Beyond the office, you’ll find her exploring new places with her fiancĂ©, Adam; curled up with a good book, a hot drink, and their two cats; or relishing the great outdoors. She has a particular fondness for snowboarding and enjoys engaging in team and community sports, with pickleball being a personal favorite.

Hannah’s local background, spirit, and experiences make her a crucial part of the Green Mountain Painters crew, embodying the values that make our team successful