Meet Mitchell, Sales and Service Manager and Equipment Hauler, a multi-talented powerhouse at Green Mountain Painters. With a solid track record dating back to the spring of 2016, Mitchell briefly explored new horizons in corporate sales before returning to our team, bringing with new skills and an unwavering commitment.

Mitchell’s versatility shines with his blend of tinkering skills and expertise in painting, power washing, and mechanical proficiency. His logistics mindset and execution are the driving force behind the efficient deployment of our equipment and their upkeep.

Outside of work, Mitchell is an avid hiker, runner, and skier. He is a ultra marathoner, having completed multiple 50 mile races. Mitchell’s roots are deeply tied to the summits of Mount Mansfield, where he continues to ski and hike. He even delved into the world of ski craftsmanship with his first business venture, building skis.

His passion for the outdoors, craftsmanship, and sales acumen make Mitchell an inspiring and dynamic professional, embodying the values of Green Mountain Painters.