Wesley is one of the newest additions to the team at Green Mountain Painters, where he’s started his journey as an Apprentice. In this role, he’s immersing himself in the world of painting, providing crucial logistical support to our experienced crews while honing a diverse set of specialized skills. From power washing to high-end stain work and equipment maintenance & repair, Wesley is eager to tackle it all during his Apprenticeship.

Wesley’s enthusiasm extends to learning how to work efficiently with the use of lifts, and he even provided valuable feedback during the research and development of a custom-built lift system.

Outside of work, Wesley, like many of his colleagues, has embraced the ‘paint-to-ski’ lifestyle. He strikes a healthy work-life balance, transitioning seamlessly between summer and winter. When the painting season winds down, you’ll find him enjoying his role as a ski patroller, exploring Vermont’s beautiful backcountry, and indulging in general tomfoolery while skiing with friends. In the summer, when he’s not absolutely crushing house (a bit of company lingo for painting at a highly efficient rate), Wesley enjoys hiking, camping, and unwinding in his hammock.