Find your perfect colors. Let us help you!

If you book your painting job with Green Mountain Painters, one of the many benefits that comes along with it is free color consulting.  Now, we […]

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The Importance of Primer on Exterior Repaints

Everyone knows that primer is the very foundation of a great paint job.  It defines the event horizon; the point where substrate transitions to protective coating, […]

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Thoughtful comparison of painting bids

Nobody ever wants to end up paying more than they have to for a painting project, or any home improvement project for that matter.  It’s something […]

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Peeling Paint

Why is my paint peeling!?! Early failure explained.

While the most common citation for paint that peels soon after a new paintjob is “poor surface preparation”, the fact of the matter is that this […]

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Mitigating the hazards of Lead Paint

Lead paint is an unfortunate reality that many people with older homes have to face.  It can be everywhere – inside, outside, and on your cabinets, […]

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