Spray & Backbrush

Pro Tip Series: Spray & Back-Brush

Spraying & Backbrushing At Green Mountain Painters, we believe that one of the keys to an exceptional paintjob is the method of product application. Many painters […]

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The Importance of Primer on Exterior Repaints

Everyone knows that primer is the very foundation of a great paint job.  It defines the event horizon; the point where substrate transitions to protective coating, […]

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Peeling Paint

Why is my paint peeling!?! Early failure explained.

While the most common citation for paint that peels soon after a new paintjob is “poor surface preparation”, the fact of the matter is that this […]

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Mitigating the hazards of Lead Paint

Lead paint is an unfortunate reality that many people with older homes have to face.  It can be everywhere – inside, outside, and on your cabinets, […]

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