Pro Tip Series: Painting a Door – success GUARANTEED.

Painting your front door can seem like a daunting task. But the allure of having a freshly painted door in that new trendy hot-magenta color is […]

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Pro Tip Series: Our Favorite Little Tools of the Trade

When you think of tools of the trade for a painter, there’s paintbrushes, and rollers, and putty knives and buckets all the other standard implements that […]

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Spray & Backbrush

Pro Tip Series: Spray & Back-Brush

Spraying & Backbrushing At Green Mountain Painters, we believe that one of the keys to an exceptional paintjob is the method of product application. Many painters […]

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Find your perfect colors. Let us help you!

If you book your painting job with Green Mountain Painters, one of the many benefits that comes along with it is free color consulting.  Now, we […]

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The Importance of Primer on Exterior Repaints

Everyone knows that primer is the very foundation of a great paint job.  It defines the event horizon; the point where substrate transitions to protective coating, […]

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