Pro Tip Series: Spray & Back-Brush

Spraying & Backbrushing

At Green Mountain Painters, we believe that one of the keys to an exceptional paintjob is the method of product application. Many painters have always insisted that traditional bucket-brushing or rolling is the only acceptable way of applying product, and will inexplicably claim that spraying or other methods simply don’t do as good of a job. However, products (and manufacturer’s recommendations for applying them) have changed as paint technology has evolved through the years, and we have made a continued effort to adapt and employ newer and more innovative methods of application to keep pace.

As a result, our primary method of product application when we are painting outdoors is a two-step system that is called spray plus back-brush. Using this method, we first apply paint to an area using professional airless spraying rigs, which pump the paint from a central reservoir through lengths of hose and out the end of a gun equipped with a fine spray tip. We then immediately follow up by brushing out the entire area of newly applied paint with a standard paintbrush. This method not only greatly increases our efficiency and results in a better finish than standard bucket brushing, but it is in fact the method that is most recommended by manufacturers for modern finishes such as 100% acrylics. The following is further explanation of the outstanding benefits this two-step system offers over traditional bucket-brushing or rolling methods:


  • Allows for faster application of product, helping to prevent lap marks and brush marks associated with standard bucket-brushing while increasing overall efficiency
  • Keeps paint fresh in hoses until applied to the surface, preventing premature drying and increasing the product’s ability to level out and perform as expected
  • Allows paint to uniformly cover rough surfaces or hard to reach spaces that would be difficult to hit with a brush
  • Minimizes mess during paint application and allows us to apply paint to precise mill thicknesses, depending on the situation and manufacturers recommendations.
  • Eliminates the need for and danger of having open paint containers on ladders and scaffolding



  • Forces product to penetrate the surface and seep into cracks/pores
  • Evenly distributes applied product over all surfaces, allowing for a smooth, uniform final finish
  • Allows us to ensure every corner, joint, and surface has a proper coat of paint applied


Of course, using specialized professional equipment requires specialized precautions and policies.  When spraying, we always take every necessary precaution to prevent overspray from damaging any surrounding areas. As should be expected, we also carry insurance that identifies us as painters who use spray application methods, so homeowners can have clear peace of mind in that regard. In addition, all of our employees undergo extensive and specific training in the use of spray equipment and the extra precautions required to use it safely and effectively.


At the end of the day, the Spray & Back-brush technique allows us to work faster, do a better job, and ultimately, Paint Smarter.