XX OLD XX Apprenticeship at Green Mountain Painters

A First Step into the Trade

The Green Mountain Painters Apprenticeship is designed to provide the first step to a successful career in the painting trade. Participants will be fully immersed in learning the fundamentals of painting, project and jobsite management, and team support, while not being expected to be a production painter.


Working at Green Mountain Painters

▶ Over its long history, Green Mountain Painters has developed a unique method to its success, which includes operating clean, safe and efficient job sites, working as a team, and fostering a culture of constant improvement and innovation.

▶ We firmly believe that a true career in the trades is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor, and as such we emphasize quality of life for our people and the sustainability of our work practices.

▶ Being Sustainably Seasonal is one of our pride points – we only operate job sites during the 6-7 month exterior painting season, but the compensation we are able to give our employees for those months of summer work is expected to provide the bulk of a very decent annual income. Our people are then free to pursue other interests over the Winter, or become more involved in our off-season workload if they want to earn even more money and/or further advance their trade skills.


About our Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship with Green Mountain Painters is basically an entry level position designed to allow a new employee to focus on learning immersion in a low-stress environment. Generally, all new employees complete a full season of apprenticeship before ever being expected to start production work.

▶ The goal is to build a solid foundation of understanding in how a painting job site operates and how professional painters work, with an emphasis on the importance of logistics, processes, and teamwork.

▶ Day-to-day duties include facilitating jobsite setup & shut-down, providing support to a small team of highly skilled tradespeople, maintaining jobsite cleanliness, and keeping track of materials & supplies. But the most important duty is to engage, learn, shadow and absorb.

▶The apprenticeship requires, above all else, a willingness and drive to self-start, be engaged, ask questions, and follow through. Being able to take feedback and direction is a must.

▶Season and Hours – There is some flexibility with start and end dates for the right candidate, but ideally they will be able to work full time from May 1st-November 1st.

▶ The schedule is 40+ Hours per week.

▶ Starting compensation is $21.50/hr, with weekly overtime at 1.5X ($32.25/Hr), Plus Minimum Bonus Benefit ($1,000), Plus Work Clothing Reimbursement Benefit ($400).

▶Personal Transportation is Required- We live and work up to an hour outside of Burlington. Reliable transportation to and from the jobsite is a must.


If you are interested in starting a rewarding career in the painting trade with a company that will value you and give you a clear path to success, then we really want to hear from you.  Just fill out the application below, and we will be in touch.