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Meet the Team that makes it all possible

At Green Mountain Painters, we like to think we are a different kind of painting company; one that is dedicated to a core set of values and loyal to our founding principles. Each member of our crew believes in the mission - to Paint Smarter every day, to continuously elevate the standards of the painting industry, and to deliver unparalleled quality, value and customer service on every job we do.
Tyler Tilton

Tyler Tilton

Owner, General Manager, Technology & System's Administrator

A born & raised Vermonter, Tyler grew up in the small town of Waterville. After attending the University of Vermont and earning a Bachelor of Science In Business Administration, he simply couldn’t bring himself to settle for life in a cubicle, so he ventured out on his own and started Green Mountain Painters with his long-time friend Blake. They figured if they could do 17 Years of school together, why not start a business together!

Today, Tyler owns a home in Underhill and spends most of his spare time with his family, basking in the joy of raising a daughter with his wife Mariann, and enjoying the wonderful quality of life that living in Vermont affords.

In the winters when the workload of running a painting company lightens up, Tyler enjoys working on his home undertaking ambitious building & remodeling projects, sending routes at the local climbing gym, hiking and trail running beautiful Vermont mountains and touring on his splitboard.

Blake Ressler

Blake Ressler

Owner, General Manager, Sales & Service Manager

Blake is a native Vermonter. He grew up spending most of his time outside on his family’s dairy farm in Waterville. After high school, he headed to the big city of Burlington where he graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Economics.

While in college, Blake spent his summers working for a local painting/contracting company. When it was time to decide what he wanted to do after college, he was interested in how he could improve upon the industry he’d worked in. Together with his lifelong friend Tyler and their shared interests of spending time outside, setting aggressive goals, and relentless process improvement, Green Mountain Painters began in 2005.

Among his other roles within Green Mountain Painters, Blake manages the Historic Homes Division (properties built before 1978). He specializes in Lead-Safe work practices and has a passion for preserving historic homes.

When Blake isn’t at work, there’s a 90% chance he’s running, or sleeping. He’s dedicated to running daily, even after spending hot summer days in a lift scraping houses. He is an active member in the Green Mountain Athletic Association (GMAA), and if you’ve ever gone on a group run with him, you’d know him as the one talking about running shoes for inordinate amounts of time. He loves all types of racing, from 5Ks to 50 milers, but his favorite distance is the marathon. He has settled into marathon training in the winter to get his big effort in before the thick of painting season starts.

Blake lives in Winooski with his partner, Diane, and their puppy, Cider Donut.

Mitchell Aube

Mitchell Aube

Sales & Service Manager, Equipment Specialist, & Senior Tradesperson

Meet Mitchell, Sales and Service Manager and Equipment Hauler, a multi-talented powerhouse at Green Mountain Painters. With a solid track record dating back to the spring of 2016, Mitchell briefly explored new horizons in corporate sales before returning to our team, bringing with new skills and an unwavering commitment.

Mitchell’s versatility shines with his blend of tinkering skills and expertise in painting, power washing, and mechanical proficiency. His logistics mindset and execution are the driving force behind the efficient deployment of our equipment and their upkeep.

Outside of work, Mitchell is an avid hiker, runner, and skier. He is a ultra marathoner, having completed multiple 50 mile races. Mitchell’s roots are deeply tied to the summits of Mount Mansfield, where he continues to ski and hike. He even delved into the world of ski craftsmanship with his first business venture, building skis.

His passion for the outdoors, craftsmanship, and sales acumen make Mitchell an inspiring and dynamic professional, embodying the values of Green Mountain Painters.

Jason Keysar

Jason Keysar

Special Projects Manager

Meet Jason, one of the original GMP team members who joined us over 15 years ago as a Paint Crew Member. Back then, he juggled work while attending CCV and applying to colleges. Over the years, he’s embarked on an impressive journey, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Russian Language, and spending nearly two years living in Russia and Ukraine.

After a successful career in software sales in New York City, Jason returned to Vermont in 2017, where he has become a versatile contributor to nearly every facet of our business. His roles have included carpentry, powerwashing, estimating, and of course, painting.

Currently, he leads our paint projects and collaborates with our team to spearhead the establishment of a new renovation arm within our business (stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!).

When he’s not immersed in the world of home improvement and project management, Jason enjoys renovating his own century-old house during his “free” time. He’s an avid hiker and frequently explores the trails with his wife, Sara, and their standard poodle, Murray. Furthermore, he channels his creativity by handcrafting furniture in his basement workshop.

Check out Jason’s work at his instagram Page @jskwoodcraft

Eric Lundy

Eric Lundy

Carpentry & Special Projects Lead

Eric grew up in Vermont and has spent most of his life here. As a former downhill ski racer, he was able to travel around the world to train and race in Europe and South America before finally settling down close to home.

Eric has been involved with Green Mountain Painters for most of the company’s existence. Having absorbed massive amounts of carpentry knowledge and skills from his Building Contractor father as he grew up, Eric quickly learned the painting trade and almost immediately became an irreplaceable member of the team. His vast and impressive set of skills and talents have allowed him to play a variety of evolving roles in the company over the years, and he now operates as the Lead Carpenter (or “House Surgeon”, as some would call him).

Being a part of Green Mountain Painters allows Eric to spend his winters traveling, vacationing, and pursuing a multitude of hobbies and interests. Some sports he currently enjoys are Skiing, Hockey, Kite Boarding, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Biking. Many other interests/hobbies include woodworking, home brewing, rebuilding vintage tools, and café motorcycles. Eric’s interests do not end there as he delves into many different things that pique his interest. Ask him what he is working on currently; the list is most likely quite long indeed!

Eric is now living in Burlington with his girlfriend Cait, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his black lab Tussey.

Mac Rogers

Mac Rogers

Carpentry Manager

Like most of the team, Mac hails from northern Vermont and is a proud graduate of UVM with a B.S. in Green Building and Community Development. In 2022, Mac joined the GMP team thanks to his lifelong best friend and ski partner, Mitchell. Mac brought a wealth of knowledge in building systems, practical building experience, and project management skills. He currently serves as the manager for all carpentry ventures, specializing in replacing rot, rectifying water-related issues, and occasionally taking on more complex projects.

During the busy painting season, finding free time can be a challenge, but Mac makes the most of the long summer days. Typical activities include trips to the Maine coast, climbing in New Hampshire, and running in the backyard. In the winter months, Mac transitions into more general GC work, all while generously volunteering as a Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patroller and exploring backcountry skiing in northern Vermont. He’s known for his obsessive nature when it comes to hobbies and is always open to diving deep into any new interest. Who isn’t tempted to start making their own clothes or hand-carving cooking utensils, right?

While Mac recognizes that perfection can sometimes impede progress, he strives for excellence every day. He believes in the continuous refinement of his craft and applies this principle to all aspects of life, not just his work. Mac’s philosophy is simple: stay mindful, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey.

Harry Leavey

Harry Leavey

Senior Tradesperson & Project Manager

Harry grew up outside of New York City and got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. After moving back to NY he spent his time as a musician and actor while working odd jobs to sustain his artistic pursuits.


After moving to Burlington in the winter of 2018 Harry quickly found a home in his favorite part of the country. Working with Green Mountain Painters allows him the balanced lifestyle he’s been seeking for years. After his first season painting in the beautiful Vermont air, Harry is steadily finding his footing in the local arts community. He has performed at the Flynn Space with his silent film project called LLAMADOLL, as well as solo shows at other venues in Burlington.


Finally, he is working on the best project of all; his new family. Harry and his wife Tess have just a welcomed a baby boy, Geo, in December 2018.

Katie DeFreest

Katie DeFreest

Senior Tradesperson

Meet Katie, an experienced member of the Green Mountain Painters team who has dedicated the last 6 or 7 years to the art of restoration and painting. She is a dependable mentor for many on our crew, offering valuable guidance and consistent support.

Katie’s journey began with the demanding task of lead scraping, and she’s mastered the foundational skills required for a wide range of restoration projects. Hailing from a local farm in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, hard work has been a part of her life since childhood. Katie finds genuine happiness in working outdoors, and she places significant value on the strong connections she forges with homeowners. This connection is built on her unwavering respect for the area and the homes she works on.

While Katie spends her ‘warmer’ months with us, her true passion lies in Vermont’s colder, snowier months. Katie is a skilled snowmaker and spends her free time snowboarding and exploring Vermont’s winter wonderland with whatever four legged friends she can find, as everything’s better with dogs if you ask her.

In the words of Lucille Ball, ‘I’m happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways.’ Katie not only maintains a professional approach but also infuses humor into the work environment, ensuring everyone’s spirits stay high. You might even hear bursts of laughter from the job site as Katie keeps the atmosphere light and lively.

Ben Debenedictis

Ben Debenedictis

Senior Tradesperson

Ben started working for Green Mountain Painters when he was a junior at Champlain College. After attaining a Business Management degree Ben began taking on more responsibility within GMP. With several seasons of on the job training under his belt, Ben was promoted to crew foreman and is now a project manager. This is Ben’s 11th year working with GMP.

During the winter months Ben loves to teach skiing at Stowe Mountain Resort. He has truly embraced the “paint to ski” lifestyle. Ben was recently accepted into the Professional Ski Instructors of America Eastern Development Team; an organization focused on advancing ski instruction all over the east coast.

“Working with GMP has enabled me to pursue my passion for skiing and ski instruction.” –Ben

Hannah Aube

Office Manager, HR

Meet Hannah, the administrative organizer at Green Mountain Painters. She joined us in early 2023, drawn to our crew by the encouragement of her brother, Mitchell.

Hannah underwent a significant transition from her previous management position at Trader Joe’s. While cherishing the memories of good food and friendly faces, she wholeheartedly embraced the change in her work-life balance and the diverse responsibilities that come with her new role. Her responsibilities span business administration and HR operations, with a keen focus on benefits management. Ensuring that behind-the-scenes operations run smoothly, she contributes to the thriving spirit of our team.

Hannah’s Vermont roots run deep, having grown up in the scenic Lamoille Valley and studied at UVM. Beyond the office, you’ll find her exploring new places with her fiancé, Adam; curled up with a good book, a hot drink, and their two cats; or relishing the great outdoors. She has a particular fondness for snowboarding and enjoys engaging in team and community sports, with pickleball being a personal favorite.

Hannah’s local background, spirit, and experiences make her a crucial part of the Green Mountain Painters crew, embodying the values that make our team successful

Wesley Simko

Wesley Simko


Wesley is one of the newest additions to the team at Green Mountain Painters, where he’s started his journey as an Apprentice. In this role, he’s immersing himself in the world of painting, providing crucial logistical support to our experienced crews while honing a diverse set of specialized skills. From power washing to high-end stain work and equipment maintenance & repair, Wesley is eager to tackle it all during his Apprenticeship.

Wesley’s enthusiasm extends to learning how to work efficiently with the use of lifts, and he even provided valuable feedback during the research and development of a custom-built lift system.

Outside of work, Wesley, like many of his colleagues, has embraced the ‘paint-to-ski’ lifestyle. He strikes a healthy work-life balance, transitioning seamlessly between summer and winter. When the painting season winds down, you’ll find him enjoying his role as a ski patroller, exploring Vermont’s beautiful backcountry, and indulging in general tomfoolery while skiing with friends. In the summer, when he’s not absolutely crushing house (a bit of company lingo for painting at a highly efficient rate), Wesley enjoys hiking, camping, and unwinding in his hammock.