Warranty & Guarantees

We think you should be absolutely confident when choosing a painting contractor, and part of that confidence should be knowing that whoever you choose will stand behind their work. That’s why at Green Mountain Painters, we offer a comprehensive Warranty and industry-best Guarantees on everything we do.

Express Written Warranty:
Green Mountain Painters Warranties our work for a standard period of 3 years. We will provide all labor &materials to remedy any defects in the application, craftsmanship or quality of our work. Exceptions to the warranty are as follows:
• Decks, horizontal surfaces, natural stain and clear/varnish finishes are not included in our express written warranty as they often need regular maintenance every 1-3 years
• Premature failure on any surface that is not the fault of the contractor or the quality of the work performed. Examples of non-warrantied failure include SUBSTRATE FAILURE (i.e. old paint layers bubbling or peeling after new coating is applied on top), rotting wood, unstable substrates, etc.
• Premature failure on any surface that is routinely exposed to excessive moisture or standing water, such as at roof lines, low splash zones, horizontal surfaces that collect water, etc. OR any other surface that is exposed to excessive moisture due to new or changing conditions such as broken gutters, ice dams, etc.
• Any physical damage to the work that is incurred subsequent to job completion.

Implied Warranty:
Due to the nature of residential repainting work, the fact is that nearly all early paint failures that are not obviously and blatantly due to egregious defects in application/craftsmanship are usually not actually the fault of the painter; they are the fault of challenging substrates, bad prior paint jobs, and the horrific conditions exterior paint must endure. Thus, its common to see 5 year, 10 year, even LIFETIME written warranties from painting contractors, all of which are functionally meaningless. This is why our implied warranty is much stronger and more meaningful than the written warranty we give.Our implied warranty means that we hold OURSELVES accountable for the work we do, and intend to stand behind it if it fails reasonable expectations. In the event of unacceptable early failure, we will meet with you to inspect the problem areas, and get to the bottom of why it is failing. If it is warrantied failure, we will fix it free of charge. If it is a systemic failure or maintenance issue, we will work with you to fix the paint work, address the underlying causes of failure, and make a plan for long term maintenance. And, we will do our best to keep those maintenance costs reasonable. With Green Mountain Painters, we like to think that when you choose us, you aren’t just getting a paint job, but you are also getting a lifetime partnership in the care and maintenance of your home.

Green Mountain Painters Guarantees:
  • We guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality and look of your paintjob – we won’t send the bill until you are!
  • We guarantee an honest and straight-forward process, transparent cost presentation, and no surprises on the bill!
  • We guarantee the quality of our products & services, and promise to uphold our implied warranty on all work we do!
  • We guarantee we will change the way you think about working with a painting contractor – Yes, it can be a fun & rewarding process!