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Exterior Painting & Staining
We specialize in all aspects of Exterior Repainting & Staining. We excel at whole house repaints and know what it takes to provide your home with…more
Lead-Safe Painting
We are fully lead-certified, are experts at following the rules, and have developed the tools & methods to get your job done efficiently...more
Commercial & Property Maintenance
We can help you handle the daunting task of planning & executing paint work maintenance on your buildings...more
Power/Pressure Washing
If you’re ready to rejuvenate your home, our power washing service serves as the perfect initial step to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish….more
Deck Staining & Maintenance
We utilize customized cleaning chemicals and a high-volume, moderate-pressure power washing technique to gently, yet powerfully, clean, restore, and…more

Green Mountain Painters is simply your best choice for painting in Burlington. Working in the city poses many unique challenges: There’s the smaller lot sizes, dealing with sidewalk and roadway obstructions, old housing stock, very aggressive local lead and safety enforcement and much more. We have worked hard over the years to develop the tools and methods required to efficiently deal with these challenges, and take pride in our ability to deliver top quality painting work at reasonable prices despite them.

There’s a reason why hundreds of your neighbors in Burlington and the surrounding areas have already chosen Green Mountain Painters to take care of their painting projects – it’s our unparalleled commitment to quality, customer service and excellence. So, if you are looking for a painting contractor, look no further. Just give us a call or send us a request for your free estimate and consultation, and we’ll show you the Green Mountain Painters difference!

Burlington Hill Section exterior repaint. A Variety of substrates and heavy accumulations of old, brittle oil paint made for a challenging but rewarding project! View more of our projects in our portfolio:


Homes in Burlington are often at risk of having lead paint, due to the prevalence of older housing stock. You can learn more about how to protect yourself and your family with our "Lead-Safe" Blog Posts