Commercial & Property Maintenance

For all of your light commercial and property maintenance needs, Green Mountain Painters has you covered. As specialists in the field of residential painting, we bring a unique sense of service to your project that is uncommon among companies that focus more on commercial painting. Whether we are working on an office building or repainting a massive condo complex, we will make sure every aspect of the job is executed with the same care and diligence that we serve to our valued homeowner clients.

And as always, we guarantee you will get the maximum value out of your investment, as we provide our signature exceptional level of quality at a reasonable price.

Special Note to Property Managers & Homeowners Associations:
We want to work with you to help you handle the daunting task of planning & executing paint work maintenance on your buildings! We know that getting everyone to agree is difficult, so why not make it easy – Just call Green Mountain Painters and we guarantee we will provide maximum value on your investment and leave every Homeowner thrilled with their building maintenance.
Our promise:

  • Treat every tenant/owner as a valued customer
  • Provide direct communication with tenants & homeowners; post applicable notices & warnings ahead of time to keep tenants & homeowners informed of job progress and what we need for cooperation.
  • Keep common & private spaces neat & clean – minimize impact on day-to-day activities of tenants & homeowners
  • Use our problem-solving approach to provide top-quality work that looks great and lasts, maximizing maintenance cycle longevity and minimizing ongoing costs.
Commercial Services:
  • Office / Mixed Use Building Exteriors
  • Commercial Building Exterior Repaints
  • Retail Building Exterior Repaints
  • Municipal Structure Repaints
PM Services:
  • Condominium Complex Exteriors
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Rental Buildings
  • Maintenance & Continuing Care