Eric grew up in Vermont and has spent most of his life here. As a former downhill ski racer, he was able to travel around the world to train and race in Europe and South America before finally settling down close to home.

Eric has been involved with Green Mountain Painters for most of the company’s existence. Having absorbed massive amounts of carpentry knowledge and skills from his Building Contractor father as he grew up, Eric quickly learned the painting trade and almost immediately became an irreplaceable member of the team. His vast and impressive set of skills and talents have allowed him to play a variety of evolving roles in the company over the years, and he now operates as the Lead Carpenter (or “House Surgeon”, as some would call him).

Being a part of Green Mountain Painters allows Eric to spend his winters traveling, vacationing, and pursuing a multitude of hobbies and interests. Some sports he currently enjoys are Skiing, Hockey, Kite Boarding, Rock Climbing, Hiking and Biking. Many other interests/hobbies include woodworking, home brewing, rebuilding vintage tools, and café motorcycles. Eric’s interests do not end there as he delves into many different things that pique his interest. Ask him what he is working on currently; the list is most likely quite long indeed!

Eric is now living in Burlington with his girlfriend Cait, and enjoys spending time outdoors with his black lab Tussey.