Jason was one of the first GMP employees over 10 years ago and worked as a Paint Crew Member while he was attending CCV and applying to colleges. Since that time he’s completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Russian Language and has lived in Russia and Ukraine for nearly two years. After a successful career in software sales living in New York CIty, Jason has returned to Vermont to build his own woodworking business.

His current role as Special Projects Manager for Green Mountain Painters during the busy summer months gives him the 6 months of winter to focus solely on building his own business & brand, with some international travel sprinkled in.

Jason loves the Vermont lifestyle and spends his free time hiking, enjoying the outdoors, and logging and sawing his own lumber for woodworking. This summer he will be taking a 22 week intensive gardening course with his wife Sara.

Need a handmade gift or a commissioned piece of furniture? Check out Jason’s work at his instagram Page.