Like most of the team, Mac hails from northern Vermont and is a proud graduate of UVM with a B.S. in Green Building and Community Development. In 2022, Mac joined the GMP team thanks to his lifelong best friend and ski partner, Mitchell. Mac brought a wealth of knowledge in building systems, practical building experience, and project management skills. He currently serves as the manager for all carpentry ventures, specializing in replacing rot, rectifying water-related issues, and occasionally taking on more complex projects.

During the busy painting season, finding free time can be a challenge, but Mac makes the most of the long summer days. Typical activities include trips to the Maine coast, climbing in New Hampshire, and running in the backyard. In the winter months, Mac transitions into more general GC work, all while generously volunteering as a Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patroller and exploring backcountry skiing in northern Vermont. He’s known for his obsessive nature when it comes to hobbies and is always open to diving deep into any new interest. Who isn’t tempted to start making their own clothes or hand-carving cooking utensils, right?

While Mac recognizes that perfection can sometimes impede progress, he strives for excellence every day. He believes in the continuous refinement of his craft and applies this principle to all aspects of life, not just his work. Mac’s philosophy is simple: stay mindful, stay motivated, and enjoy the journey.