Find your perfect colors. Let us help you!

Brush & Green Swatches

If you book your painting job with Green Mountain Painters, one of the many benefits that comes along with it is free color consulting.  Now, we aren’t interior or exterior designers, but we do have a massive amount of experience dealing with paint & color – and that gives us the expertise to professionally assist you with your color choices.  We can take your design ideas & vision, and translate them into actual paint colors that work – then we can help with coordinating colors, auxiliary/trim colors, etc.

If you are thinking about painting, but have absolutely no idea where to start with color selection, you can always contact a good interior or exterior designer to get you started.  However, if you want to go it alone, here are a few tips to help you get started on your color vision:

1: Establish what you are working with – take a look around for fixed or permanent features of your home that you can’t or won’t be changing.  Inside it might be things like floor & carpet, wood beams, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. Outside you’ll want to look at your roof, landscaping/hardscaping, factory-finished windows, chimneys, etc.  You’ll want to start with a selection of colors that go well with these features.

2: Do a Décor Inventory – Take stock of what you have for existing décor like rugs, artwork, lamps, curtains, fixtures and furniture.  Decide what you are going to keep once the painting is done, and what you are getting rid of.  If you have new items that you want to introduce, be sure to consider those as well.  Once you know what you will have for décor, you can get started on a broad pallet of color choices that go well with it.  Pull colors that match or compliment the various colors within your favorite pieces, or get a color book and just start laying out swatches to see what looks good.  Watch out for colors that clash with another design element, especially with focal points like furniture and artwork.

3: Use your resources! – If you are still coming up short on developing an initial pallet and color vision, use the plethora of resources available to you as a denizen of the wide and wonderful internet.  If you Google “choosing paint colors”, there are literally hundreds of thousands of pages of articles and advice that can help you get your creative juices flowing.   One of my favorite sites is HOUZZ ( – this is a site that has catalogued thousands upon thousands of professional photographs of beautiful homes, free for the browsing.  They have a powerful search tool, so even if you have only a vague notion of an idea, like “I wonder if the bedroom would look good in gray?”, you can simply type “gray bedroom” into the search and instantly see hundreds of wonderful, professionally designed examples of gray bedrooms.  The active community is also great – often if you see a color you like, you can ask (if it already hasn’t been asked) and get a reply with the color name & manufacturer!

4: Never discount your gut feelings – There’s nothing wrong with just picking colors you LIKE, then working from there.  Go straight to the paint store, and pull a swatch of any color that appeals to you.  Take as many as you want – they’re free!  Then go home and look at them in your space, stand back at the curb and hold the chips up to your house, tape them to the walls, experiment, have fun!  Even if you don’t pick colors that you ultimately will end up using, establishing what your baseline tastes in color are is an important step in developing your color vision.

By following these few tips and doing a little legwork, you’ll be on your way to choosing your new color scheme in no time!  And when you are ready for a second opinion & professional guidance – call us up and we will help you sort through the piles of swatches and narrow down your selections, so you can find your perfect color.